Therapeutic Music Services

Hello, my name is Dominique Amarante–“Mr. D”–and, while I enjoy performing at all kinds of public venues,  I particularly enjoy doing music programs at care communities and facilities, as a soloist singing and playing the guitar.

I do hour-long programs, bringing three guitars—-a regular 6-string, a 12-string, and a slide resonator. I switch between them, so as to keep the program varied and interesting.

As far as repertoire and style, there’s lots of roots-type guitar picking and music, including traditional songs, folk, a bit of the Blues, and a good dose of old-time Gospel as well. At the same time, there are pop tunes and some good old Rock & Roll. The group will hear well-known songs by artists like Hank Williams, Simon & Garfunkel, Ray Charles, Elvis, the Beatles, and even me.

I bring genuine musicality to my programs, but also like to include a fair amount of sing alongs as well. There would be songs like This Little Light of Mine, You Are My Sunshine, Amazing Grace, Oh When the Saints Go Marching In, and others.

I aim for connection and community. I love to see people uplifted, and for them to go forth with their burdens lightened. I believe that is what music can and should do.

Directors’ Comments

Thanks so much for putting a smile on their faces!–Jackie Pinnix, AD, Hillcrest Convalescent Center
“Dominique brings a unique blend of gospel and blues mixed with some oldies from the 50’s and 60’s. He brings in a variety of guitars including the steel guitar and the 12 string guitar and blends these with his soothing and melodic voice. An hour with Dominique’s style is therapeutic and entertaining to the senior community at large. I recommend this venue highly.”  —Karen Walker, AD, The Glade, GlenAire

Program Repertoir Samples:

Hey Good Looking

You Are My Sunshine

Irene Good Night

Bright Lights, Big City