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Thursday, 12 January , Once again had a sweet time at Hillcrest Home in Durham. They are a group of delightful music lovers. They’re located just a few yards across the road from the railroad tracks, and there was an amazing syncronicity that happened when the train came through just as I was getting to the sweet old blues tune, “How Long has that Evening Train been Gone?”.
Wednesday, 21 December, We had a great time doing a mostly Christmas and Seasonal program at Glenaire. We had a large group in the multi-purpose music room/chapel. I particularly enjoy these programs because they give me a chance to share lots of little-known Christmas and Seasonal songs that are really lovely and have interesting histories as well.

Saturday, 12 November, at
the South Durham Farmers’ Market
(About a mile or two south of Chapel Hill Road, (Route 54) at 5140 Route 55, in the corner shopping center where Mel Melton’s old Papa Mojo’s N’Orleans soul food and blues restauraunt used to be (I miss that place!).
I’ll be pickin’ and singinSaturday morning from about 9 to Noon. These markets ar such a blessing–the food available in commercial stores just seems to be getting worse and worse as far as quality. Do yourself a favor and come out and get some real nourishhment, and while you’re at it, give your ears something to feast on as well, some musical soul food!

Saturday, November 5, at Chatham MarketPlace!
Hey all! DA will do a repeat performance at the Chatham Marketplace organic coop in old Pittsboro, NC, this coming Saturday from 2 to 4 PM, approximatlely. They are at 480 Hillsboro Street, just a bit (two or three miles?) north of town. They’re right next door to the Starlight Meadery, which is open to the public. So drop by, listen a bit, have some good organic local grub, and have a nip (not necessarily in that order!), and say hello!

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