Going on Vacation (Shortened Version)


12-str, str hat, stnd, in (3946)Would you agree that community is really where it’s at, where the magic is? This mystery called music comes from us all, as much from the listener as from the performer. Music as been defined as “organized sound”. To that, I would add the elements of community and communication. When the connection opens up between performer and audience, it seems that the sound organizes itself  and takes on a whole other level of energy and meaning.

What a mystery! Isn’t it great that there are still mysteries in the world, in the universe, phenomena that haven’t been figured out—“conquered”—by  the little minds of little men? It’s a much bigger mind that allows room for that childlike sense of wonder that we have lost in this “modern” age.

So, let’s set forth,, keeping company, in synergy nourishing and encouraging each other, and having fun! There’s amazing territory to explore, heights to climb, demanding spirit and daring. Won’t you join me on these first steps of our “Daring Ascent?”


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